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Stephanie Clement, Ph.D. has been practicing astrology for over thirty years. She is currently the president of the American Federation of Astrologers and former board member of NCGR. Stephanie has served on the faculty of Kepler College and has been a speaker at the State of the Art Conference and many regional conferences. She has published numerous articles in astrological magazines and has written several books: Charting Your Spiritual Path with Astrology, Power of the Midheaven, Mapping Your Birthchart, Aspect Patterns, etc., and numerous interpretation programs. Stephanie has done extensive research on twins and planet-centered astrology. She is available for lectures and workshops.

Stephanie can be contacted via email , phone (719) 542-0230.

"The birth and death of the leaves are the rapid whirls
of the eddy whose wider circles move slowly among the stars."

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